Kaopectate for fish

Just saw this in the news. Kaolin slurry spill in Georgia.
A weekend kaolin spill in Jefferson County involved approximately 679 tons of the milky colored material, according to Georgia’s Environmental Protection Division.
Reedy Creek flowed milky white after a weekend spill in which a 12-inch kaolin pipe ruptured
The spill, caused by a ruptured pipe near the Georgia Highway 17 bridge over Reedy Creek, involved de-gritted kaolin slurry owned by KaMin LLC, whose Georgia offices are in Macon.
Based on the 679-ton number, they calculated the release was 187,000 gallons of de-gritted kaolin slurry.
 I wonder if this an environmental disaster? If I had my choice between catfish and whitefish it would be a toss up. Two of my favorites. Now will there be white cats? I can have them both.


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