Top of your game

Some 30 or more years ago a 20 year old young punk friend of mine failed from Sheridan where I now teach and had the cajones big enuff to purchase Robin Hopper's house and studio for the unheard price of $100,000+ big ones. Gord Burke fell in love with another Ceramic Artist Jan Phelan and they had two daughters. The one Sara is a 4 time gold medalist in free style skiing. She has had a serious accident and is in a coma in Salt Lake City.
Gord and Jan where at the top of their game. Jan made the dinnerware for our Governor General and has continued to make stellar work. They worked too hard like most potters do and their relationship went south. I don't know what happened to Gord but today when reading the news I thought of them and the good times we had drinking Drambui and planning our lives as potters. My thoughts and my prayers to whoever is listening go out to Gord, Jan and their kiddo- Sara. Fight, big fighter, fight!
Here is a pic of Sara and a vase of Jan's.


Michael Kline said…
I'm so sad to read this.

My thoughts and prayers go out to Gord and Jan who must are going through hell. Be strong.

As a relatively new parent I can't imagine what your friends are going through. I pray that Sara will be able to fight this and pull through to the other side.
bighillpottery said…
thanks for that info Tony...i've been watching this on the news and of course had no idea! Totally impossible to imagine the hell they are all in!
161.8km said…
We are also old friends of Gords. We lost touch with him about four years ago when we moved to Whitby. I can't imagine the pain he, Jan, Sarah's husband and sister are all in. Praying for her recovery. If anyone does hear from him, please tell him Joanne and Craig send their love.

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