Steel Town

When we planned our move we looked for one vital component- "ENERGY". We wanted to live where there is energy and most especially in the arts community. We wanted to be surrounded by musicians, writers, fine crafts and arts, coffee shops, galleries, farmer's markets etc, etc. For once we chose well and just in time. Historically artists have moved into areas where the rents are cheap and they beautify and gentrify the place and then the money moves in and the artists move out.
Well our planning this time is "just in time". Word is out. Today in the Buffalo, NY newspaper was a headline "Steel Town transformed into artist's commumity"

Updated: December 11, 2011, 6:56 AM
HAMILTON, Ont.—“Art Is the New Steel” reads the slogan of the Print Studio, a gallery and artist workspace on James Street North. The city, once mostly known for its industry, is now getting noticed for its burgeoning art community and galleries.
Located two hours northwest of Buffalo between Niagara Falls and Toronto, Hamilton (nicknamed the Hammer), once was responsible for more than 70 percent of Canada’s steel production. In an all-too-familiar story, the industry dwindled to a fraction of its former self and the downtown core deteriorated.
But a shift has begun. Art is at the forefront of a transformation, which has seen many new galleries opening, along with more restaurants and coffee shops. Artists, lured by inexpensive rents and a supportive arts environment, are putting down roots, especially in the James Street North neighborhood. So noticeable is the influx of creative types, especially from Toronto, that national Canadian media has made the bold declaration that Hamilton is “the new Brooklyn.


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