The Working Class

OK, if Brandon and Ron get three more of the cups of the working class I'm VERY impressed. I am always suspect of potters who use their own dishes. They claim they need to see if they work. How long do you have to pour a teapot to see if it pours? How many times do you need to drink from a cup to find out it dribbles down your lip? Well maybe that's all they can afford. I can't afford my own.  Ron and Brandon obviously know their pots. We have a house full of other peoples pots. We like their good company after a day spent with our pots and ourselves it is nice to enjoy the company of friend's pots. Every pot and I mean every pot in our house has a story that we can relate to.
Off to school in the morn so another year starts at Sheridan. Time has flown the coop.


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That's a toughie man. I see some repeats. M. Simon, M. Smith, Robin Hopper, Bottom left looks like a R&R, is that middle one a Jan Mckeachie? That looks like her handles.

not sure about that bare mug 2nd from that another mark pharis mug?

that's all i got.
gz said…
I used to work for a potter who used his kitchen as a backup stockroom...I can't say that his wife was pleased when she kept on being short of mugs!

It is pleasing to see other potters work on the shelves, especially those you don't see often enough. You use the mug and think of the person.
smartcat said…
I use my mugs from other potters when I am drinking tea in the house. The rest of the time I use my own mugs in my studio and outside as the cats and I are prone to a lot of breakage. I don't care about my own crap getting broken but I hate losing stuff from other potters.....particularly when they are no longer working.
Ron said…
Yes, I recognize the Ruggles and Rankin, and the Michael Simon beaker, and the M. Smith. So Brandon has me if he knows the Hopper. You'll have to fill us in on the rest Tony.
That cupboard seems a bit thin on pots, you must not have finished unpacking yet.

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