What's Your Cup Size?

Cups are the most important item a potter makes. I've always maintained that if you can make a good cup that people will use every day then you have put your business card in their hand each and every day. I love to make cups and I especially liked a trimmed foot ring. It takes more time but as my dear old dad used to say "It's what you do when you don't have to that makes all the difference!"
Here is a display of some of our cups in the kitchen. The cupboards are full of the working cups that we are more apt to use on a daily basis. It is often quite embarrassing to find we have both brought 4 or 5 cups each out to the studio. A week later things are growing in the cups.

Here is my all time favourite cup made by Mark Pharis of Minnesota. I have used this cup for over 30 years. Two years ago at NCECA I bought Sheila this yeller cup by Pharis. He has moved from quiet to shouting. Neither of us have ever put this cup to our lips. I really like to look at it but maybe the colour is too aggressive for morning Joe. Move yourself to the head of the class if you can identify 3 makers of the cups in our kitchen display cabinet.


John Britt, Mckenzie Smith, Ron Meyers, Michael Simon, Ruggles/Rankin, Jeff Oestreich, (Mark Pharis) and I think I spot a couple of yours? Several that I don't recognize though. Would love to see what's in your cabinets!
Ron said…
Damn, Brandon you beat me to it. I only recognize the Jeff O., Michael Simon, and Ronnie the Rat pots. (and Pharis)Though that may be a Rock Creek but not sure. Yes Tony open up the cupboards!!
Jordan said…
Bruce Cochrane (Soft Brick and Porcelain ode to Hans Coper), Richard and Carol Selfridge, John Guttridge? Larry Davidson?

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