Fine dining in The Hammer

The Hammer is being recognized as a city for artists, a city of music and now it is to become the culinary capital of Canada. Yesterday Sheila watched a hawk dining out in our courtyard on a dove. It must have been a Japanese hawk as it ordered it's meat uncooked. The hawks are coming to our town to dine as the fare is well fed and easily available. I think pigeon and dove would be fairly easy to snag in our Town. I will use the feathers for some feather combing I plan to do on my new e-ware.

Sheila said she threw sticks at the hawk to chase him away but he said "Not on your life honey, I'm dining out! Where's the wine list?"


John Post said…
Great pic of that hawk Tony. My son and I were playing catch on the lawn one day when we saw a hawk snag a mourning dove right out of a tree. The feathers just explode like a blown up pillow, those birds have some power.
Tracey Broome said…
I just found some beautiful vulture feathers, but someone left a post on my blog after I talked about taking them and scared the hell out of me regarding our federal laws concerning raptors and the taking of their parts. I waited all night for the feds to come for me and lock me away with the murderers and rapists! Then I put the feathers out in the woods! Who knew, thank goodness for blogging, l wouldn't know any of the laws at all :)
Beautiful hawk!

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