The Devil Made Me Do It!!!

Some potters have kiln gods. We had a kiln devil looking over our gas kiln. The little bugger did a pretty damn good job of keeping our shino glaze in line. We brought him along and I swear it is he who is responsible for us having do all this painting. I like painting about as much as I like gardening. OK, so it is now public knowledge that I am not a new age sensitive guy. I like Harley's over Smart Cars, bacon over tofu and cats over dogs. Yes, I think cats are more apt to be artists than dogs. They are more independent and can survive on their own. Dogs are more like employees with pay cheques. No pay cheque equals no dinner.  I will roll on the second coat tomorrow and then Sheila makes it look good. I've been told to go to Sheridan for the weekend and make pots as I just get in the way in the painting dept. OK, by me!


Cyndi said…
Hi Tony, Thank you for the pictures of the new studio as a work in progress. You must be excited to work in the space. C2
i totally agree with your cats and dogs comments! good luck with the painting (not my favorite either).

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