Bobby's Beer and a Bump

Hey Bobby Free I got a note and pic from Never Dunn doing night patrol with his new twins. Trev was  having a beer and a bump and catching up with old friends. I haven't seen you guys since 2009 and the time has flown. We have all been up to so much. The pine table at The Landlady's must still be stained from cheap bourbon and even cheaper beer. Long days and even longer nights eating, sleeping and talking pots.
It's so nice to know that at NCECA the first round is on you. God, I'm thirsty!
 I hope the USU wild bunch can get together for a reunion in Seattle. A better crew I can not think of- Crumpet,  Freedom Fighter, The Landlady, Never Dunn, Denny,  Mississippi, Willie Nelson and visiting Young Jonnie.  That last wood firing we did was the most amazing event of my career. Four guys to lift that last log ( a carved Kon Tiki) into the firebox was beyond real.


bfree clay said…
all those nicknames... makes it sound like a pretty whacky story to be told. yet it continues, like you characters, plots, new pots and sudden twists.

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