I'm thirsty

for Bobby Free's glass of whiskey. Hey, Bobby Freedom Fighter here is a pic I took of myself with glasses down on my nose adding a dab of Dusty Rose to the spout of a teapot. You wagered a glass of whiskey for a shot of me with glasses over my nose and a dab of pink glaze on my brush so here it is my friend. Now you know I like good whiskey and you didn't mention the size of the cup so ya had better sell some good pots before you head for NCECA.  I don't want no John Daniels or James Beam I'm lusting for Eagle Rare, Woodford Reserve, Corner Creek, or maybe that Bulleit that the landlady would serve us up at Muskrat Crick washed down with a PBR.
Looking forward to seeing your goofey face in Seattle.



Ron said…
Hey Tony, just catching up here. Looking good!! I love that post a few days ago w. all the pots and you stepping outside yourself. Right on! Digging the deco and color. Nice glasses too. You'll have to get those socks before you head to Seattle!
bfree clay said…
you bastard! haha.. i'll try my best to get to nceca..but no promises man, i'm super broke.. if not though i'll send my emissary, crista, to have a drink with you for me. i'm lovin the pots.. in fact i might be so bold to say they're better then your shino-ware. enjoy those city lights..they're doin you both real good!

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