The Decorating Fairy

While I was at school today the decorating fairy decorated the cups. Apparently I fired the white clay to high and it ate the the clear glaze.  We have to tip toe slowly with the slips as we have no clue what to expect. Hey, it is no wonder that Ron Philbeck likes the clear glaze we're using as it is his. One of the great things about the clay community is the sharing. Fellow blogger June Perry sent me the glaze and when I saw Ron's name on it I thought- YES! Bisque firing tonight so more results in a couple of days. One of the advantages of this small kiln.  I did like the making time for my 220 cubic foot Noborigama. I do however remember the bad firings. Ouch!


Ron said…
What do you use to lure the Decorating Fairy into the studio? I'm going to try putting out some chocolate tonight and maybe some wine too.
smartcat said…
I did not know there is a Decorating Fairy...this needs further exploration.

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