Gone Soft

I was hoping Ron would see these images and think I've really gone over the edge with colour and imagery. They are pillow cases by my former student Andrew Kelner. Andrew was my first student at Sheridan a number of years ago with  flourescent Mohawk spiked hair, mutton chops,  those big stretch ear holes, piercings everywhere and tattoed up the whazzoo. He was also a very fine student and gave clay everything humanly possible from apprenticeships at a production studio, wood firing in northern Saskatchewan, further study in Alberta and Australia. Andrew has gone soft and  is now in textiles at Ontario College of Art. Bed bug pillow cases ought to be a hit. Heck Ayumi and Ron Meyers can sell rats.  I like that there is the Oribe influence in his textiles.  I hope he can market them and get back to the hard life. The clay world needs more Andrews.


Hi Tony - been following your journey with great interest - looks like you're well on your way! Why not collaborate with Alex - matching coffee cups and breakfast set with the pillow cases for a relaxing breakfast in bed! Could be a win win for both of you!!!!
Ron said…
These are super cool. Love the Oribe influence and Bed Bugs!!!Crazy.

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