We're surrounded!

It's nice to be back in the studio riding my Tommy Stuart wheel again. Hey, I could be doing a Skutt ad with my Tommy and my programmable Skutt. This morning we put up some cement Wonder board around the kiln, glazed and loaded a glaze firing, and I started throwing some pots. I found that my pots were looking better with 2 pulls rather than the usual 3. With 3 pulls they were too light and I lost the strong look that I like.
Being back on the wheel gives me time to think again. One of my more perceptive students e-mailed me last night in reference to all the talk in academia of the future of craft. She wrote: Tony you are surrounded by bullshitters and you're outnumbered. I wonder how many of my students will walk the walk?
In my twenties I would have filled the room with pots. A run of 5 jugs would have been embarrassing. With this small kiln our day will be scattered with unloading, glazing, loading,  and making. We get to unload a glaze firing in the morn. I hope there is something this time worthy of showing y'all.
 To makers of the world- Circle the wagons we're under attack!


madpotter1 said…
We might be under attack and have been for some time but we remain knee deep in mud and satisfaction...... And still we carry on.

Do we really need one more red rabbit with a machine gun?
Ron said…
Ready to see some finished e-ware!

I love the quick turnaround of low fire + a small kiln.

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