What's good for the goose

is good for the gander. My second year students are busy working on a historical project that has them replicating a historical object that turns their fancy and then making a contemporary version of the same object with their own interpretation of same. I bought Eddie de Waal's book "The Pot Book" before Christmas and there was a jug/pitcher in there that blew my socks off. How these dudes could make a better form than me centuries ago rocked my world. I made some jugs and one of the four seemed to get the form right. Don't worry Bobby Freedom Fighter there will be colour either in the form of slips or San Cai. Be patient, Grasshopper!


I like the third one from the left. Great!
I also bought The Pot Book. Have enjoyed thumbing through it but wish it had a chronological organization--or something I could find my way in. I like the notes and don't mind their being so brief. Interesting book.
Vinod Chettur said…
Very elegant form. I like the one closest to the camera best.

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