An Acorn

The City of Hamilton Arts Awards Gala Event was last night with food, drink, entertainment and all the hoorah of the Grammies. Artists and patrons dressed in their finest.
Sometimes even a deaf, dumb and blind warthog can find an acorn in the barnyard. The Awards are called the Acorn Awards and I am very proud to say that I was awarded the Fine Crafts Award for 2014. It came with a fantastic medal that would pull my pants down if I converted it to a belt buckle. The city also generously attached a cheque for $2500.00. I'll pay a few bills and the rest can wait. I was most proud of my arm piece emerging artist former student Chris de Takesy who took home the prize along with me. Chris was awarded a certificate to hang in her new James Street North Gallery and $1000 to buy new underwear. I'll send pictures if she sends me any. Don't count on it!!!!
If anyone is thinking of locating in a city The Hammer is the place to be as an artist. The cities slogan is "Art is the New Steel". They are doing an amazing job of replacing the steel mills with art and culture. A tip of the fedora to the City of Hamilton. You are an amazing city!!!


smartcat said…
Well deserved!
Krystal said…
Feeling happier everyday about our move to Hamilton. Today is our 1 month anniversary haha. Such a welcoming & vibrant arts community. Congrats again, Tony!
Dennis Allen said…
That would be a cool belt buckle. The check is nice too. Congratulations.
Anonymous said…
Keep your spirits and your trou up! Congratulations, Tony!
Bruce said…
Hopefully you aren't going to raises prices after this. Congratulations.
Trish said…
VERY nice!! Congratulations, Tony.
Trish from Alberta.

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