Damn Fine!

DF is here from Virginia. Dan Finnegan showed up yesterday for the unloading of the wood kiln and a crit of the work. It was great to have him here. It always super to have different voices and perspectives on the work. Critiques are such an important part of growth. At first I think people fear them but as you get more comfortable with listening and learning they grow so much faster. We as potters often work in isolation and the only voice we hear is our own.
My former student and friend Andrew Kellner has been with me for 4 of the 6 wood firings here at Pinecroft. He is headed off to grad school at West Virginia U and to say I will miss him is an understatement. I really don't know how to teach a work ethic such as he has. He is nothing short of amazing. I presented him a Fiskar axe and a Canada, Eh ball cap. A Fiskar is the Cadillac of axes and I am quite certain will serve him well in his long career as a woodie. Cya in 3 years Andrew. I'll be a senior citizen then and I'm really going to need your help. There is always a spot for you around the firebox. 


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