Cremating Tony

Ya I've been missing in action. Had 6 potter friends fire the wood kiln over the past week. We had a battle royal with thunder, rain and less than perfect wood. Whenever I have not attended to the wood well in advance it bites me hard and leaves me sore. Lucky the kiln Donovan built us has a large engine that so far has been overcome mother nature and me. We got temperature but it was a battle of the minds while the crew and Andrew and I had to rake out the coals of the firebox several times during the firing. This is a no-no with a bourry box kiln when you have good dry wood.
Maggie supervised the firing while the kiln boss had a nap.
We unload tomorrow and we are hoping that Dan Finnegan gets here in time for a little group critique of the pots. I got some hubba bubba shino in there I am anxious to see. Andrew just had to tag the kiln so he forgot the comma and it reads like he would like to fee the kiln me. I'd actually like that when the day comes.


Troy Bungart said…
I want the dogs job!

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