Hit the ground runnin'

We are pleased to announce the addition of Cassara Kennedy as the summer studio technician and thrower at Pinecroft Centre for the Arts. One of the many advantages of being an Adjunct at Sheridan is I can keep my eye peeled for a student with a good work ethic. Cassara started the week learning to throw cups to a stick measurement and thowing "tuckers" off the hump. Tuckers are those little pots that tuck into the nooks and crannies around bowls and other pots. They more than pay for the cost of a firing.  She is learning that firing almost empty kilns is not a good business model to follow. We just loaded the big car kiln today and think she was mind blown at how many pots we squeeze into a load.
Cassara will be my right hand this summer with helping workshop presenters and me to present a fantastic clay experience. Welcome to the mudpits, Cassara! Four egrets landed on the pond today to welcome our new understudy.


Anonymous said…
That is great news about having another pair of hands to help out....had a wee moment of nostalgia when i saw my old spot there....great memories of working at Pinecroft! I'm sure Cassandra will have a wonderful experience....tell her from me that she's landed in a very sweet spot indeed!
cheers, Linda

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