Finnegan's Wake

Well, Dan’s Animated Functional Pots Workshop has come and gone at Pinecroft Centre for the  Arts. I’m going to miss Dan and hope we can work together sometime soon.  It was like meeting an ole friend that I had known all my life. Our pottery interests and life’s path are so similar.
Dan did an amazing workshop full of solid information on how to make good pots and make a good living. A good living is subjective and probably not what most people would want to buy into for a life. Maybe for a day or two, a week , a month but not for a life time.  I felt in good company.
I was down stairs making a few pots inspired by Dan. It is wonderful for a teacher that has given for so long to be taught by a contemporary that you love and respect. Thanks Dan, let’s do it again!!!


Dennis Allen said…
That sure went by fast.
Anne D said…
It was a coming together of kindred spirits... Hope you can connect again :) maybe in March in providence?! It'd be fun to see you both at NCECA... Clayart room anyone?!

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