I think it may have been Thomas Toft that first started branding with his most beautiful slip trailed chargers. I bit the bullet on Saturday and bought a Hudson’s Bay Blanket for my bed. I have always wanted one and the urge was too large to fight off.  I was relieved to see it was made in England and not China. The red, green, yellow and black stripe are a brand so strong it is known the world over.  I have a David Fleming treadle lathe Windsor chair and with my new blankey they are really a testament to my love of good quality.  When I get old and my kids put me in a the potter’s retirement home “The Falling Arches Home for the Demented” I hope they set me in my chair, wrap me in my blankey and plunk my Art Fawcett handmade beaver felt fedora on my noggin. I might even take up smoking again if I hit the magic age of 100.


Sandy miller said…
Man, I love those Hudson Blankets! Still have mine on the bed! Got it from my folks so it's gotta be over 50 years old or more. Still looks great and work......... if I could only say that about myself! Here's toasting to another 50 years of quality. And if I make it to hundred, I'll race ya to the cig counter :)
Dennis Allen said…
Yeah, I hear you Tony. I quit smoking 26 years ago.Doc says I should be all pink and rosy inside by now. He says the urge to take it up again will pass any day now.I pitched your book on the blog a couple of weeks ago.Hope you are needing a second printing.

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