Lunch with Dan

A cappuccino and some fruit for lunch with Dan. I'm going to use the plate as a dinner plate. I think most would see the addition of the handles as a serving plate but I'd rather use it daily for my grub. Every pot in my house has a story to it. There are hundreds of pots and hence hundreds of stories. I was pleased to see our assistant Cassara buy one of Dan's birds. It says something about the person and the beginning of their collection. I have said often that a potter should surround themselves with pots from potters whose work they enjoy. Using your own pots is like talking to yourself. I got a piece of cherry rubarb pie made in a wood stove by the Amish lady down the road waiting for me. I'm going to pile it up with fake yogurt ice cream and think of the week with Dan.


cookingwithgas said…
Nourishment comes in many forms, from eye to hand to mouth to soul.

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