For the right reasons

Firstly I would like to congratulate Teresa Dunlop on her new residency at Harbourfront in Toronto. Teresa qualifies as an old bull. If you want the story you have to buy my book. Teresa came to Sheridan after 3 decades as a high school teacher. She outworked every student in the building. Upon graduation she applied to the Harbourfront Centre for a residency. I phoned her and talked to her about how ageism is alive and well.   She said she knew that and would like to go for it anyway. She was up against others with graduate degrees  and teaching at prestigious institutions. She wanted this and for the right reasons. She wanted to be an ambassador of clay and continue on her journey. This was not to be a resting place while other applications were sent out and considered. This was to be a commitment to a place and a process. I have applied for jobs for the money, for the prestige and  for the wrong reasons. Gee, I wonder why I never got the jobs????  Teresa's intentions were sincere and that must have been obvious to the selection committee. Sometimes the truth wins.
Teresa is the one with the green glasses. I got another big smile on my face since the one with the big hair Marissa Alexander another 3rd year grad of 2014 got the other position at Harbourfront. She ain't an old bull quite yet but

both of these ladies walk the walk. Nicely done, ladies!!!


Anne D said…
Congrats to the students and their mentors... sometimes ageism can be overcome... that's encouraging to the rest of us... Bravo!! said…
Hi Tony,
Thank you so much for the kind words. It was the great teaching at Sheridan that helped me on the way, including some guy with a hat and a lot of attitude who encouraged me to not crawl when I was 11 miles from the cliff. I appreciated that and recognized that I needed to get up and walk and maybe skip a little along the way.
I can't believe my good fortune. It will be wonderful working with the whole Harbourfront team.
Yours Truly ,
Old Bull

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