Post Modern Peasant

Here are some killer pots from Dr. Steve Harrison in the Land of OZ. He is a real Renaissance man who digs his own clay, mills his materials and lives off the land.   I started correspondence with Steve some 30 years ago when I was having trouble with a large two chambered wood kiln I had built. I heard of this pamplet he wrote called "Laid Back Wood Firing" and I wrote and offered my first born child to have a copy. Six months later I got a copy of the pamplet and a no thank you for my child. Those were the days before the internet and an answer took months and sometimes years. Today I can write Steve in the evening and wake up to an answer. I love his description of himself-

Potter, kiln surgeon, clay doctor, wood butcher and Post Modern Peasant.
Check out his killer pots. Glad to have Dan Finnegan coming to Pinecroft. Dan has no electricity, no water in his studio and fires a wood kiln. The strange part of this puzzle is he built up a phenomenal complex called Liberty Town that looks like the perfect modern day shopping experience. We are going to have some looooooong talks at his workshop.


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