255 Fingers

I might as well come clean right from the get go. I hate doing craft shows. Well, I hate doing "crap" shows!" I hate standing there smiling while people lick ice cream cones and eat giant trays of french fries and walk by without picking up a thing. I am not very good at small talk.
I am excited about being part of the 260 Fingers Show.  Invitational shows seem to be on the rise.
This is a classy show which starts will this little but important rule- no table cloths. No table cloths means you have to have a display other than a fold up table and some card board boxes covered with a wrinkly bedsheet.
It is also a small enough show -26 potters with 10 fingers each. This year could be yet a different year since my one hand may well be out of commission. At least I'm going to play the 5 finger card so that my potter friends will carry my stuff in to the show and set me up.
Ottawa is our nation's capital and a beautiful city for the show.   It is well attended by collectors and people that love and know about pots. There is also an awesome line up of our best craftspeople. We go out as a collective for a nice dinner and time together. It is great to be with people that are walking your walk.
 Mr. K, Heather Smit and I are staying at Jen Drysdale's for the show. I have this smile on my face telling me there is a damn good chance a party is going to break out. I'll bring the hummus and baba ganouche. If I quit red meat I've heard there is a better chance of me being heaven bound.
There are several potters whose work I need in my collection. The trick for me is to go there and come home with more money than I spend.
Put this show on your calendar. It's a goodun'!


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