God Save the Queen

You can't even imagine how ugly my shino jugs were fired in the gas kiln with reduction starting after Cone 04. It was the worst colour of baby pooh I have ever seen and I did my fair share of changing diapers.
Refired in Queen Anne
On the off chance I could salvage 10 perfectly nice jugs my friends Emma and Duncan let me fire one in Queen Anne to see if change was possible. Thanks also to the crew Barbarino Murphy, Mr. K and Taylor for putting the time in to help salvage this car wreck. I was thrilled by the pic Barb sent me and then Mr. K notified me the jug was still an ugly brown clear. Mr. K used to make Santa cry and the Easter Bunny refused to deliver to his house!
This pic does no justice to how ugly the brown is.
Learning an atmospheric kiln takes time. Where to put pots, what glazes are best where, the hot spots, the cold spots, the heavy reduction, neutral and oxidized spots. That is what makes wood the royalty of all firing methods- variety, serendipity, mud, sweat and tears.
Here is a vase that came out of The Champ not so shit hot. In fact, it was rather cool. I've never been a fan of celadon in wood. Dunno it just never seems to show off the ash and flash that much. Brenda refired it in the gas kiln and it looks pretty nice. The X's are kisses my friends- for you on Thanksgiving Weekend. A kiss for y'all that make my life so amazing. Lots of love and Happy Thanksgiving.- The One Handed Pirate.
There was a splash of copper red on this vazzze.

X cut with a razor blade. 


Unknown said…
I'm way behind in my blog posts, but if you have not yet found a solution, you might want to try splashing another glaze or wash on the dull brown (say, on the texture, rim, handle???) and re-firing...
Has worked for me although that has always been in cone 6...

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