Red Hot Chili Pepper

The town of Aylmer where I live is populated by 55% Mexican mennonites from the Chihuahua region of Mexico. The Mennonites are really of Russian decent moved to Manitoba and Saskatchewan and then due to government laws founded a new place in Mexico (Durango and Chihuahua). After a severe drought in 2012 they have moved back to this region of Ontario. We are lucky to have such hard working people and with that comes Mexican cuisine. We have a Mexican grocery store that has hundred's of hot sauces from mild to near death.
I guess it all must have rubbed off on me as I am using Chili Pepper Red Stain in my casting slip for a nice Double Bubble Gum pink and rubbing it into the crack of my shino glaze that has been bisque fired.
Paint it over the crack

Wash it off the crack!
I was getting good crackle when I first mixed the glaze but after letting it sit it stopped crackling. I fixed this problem by immediately pouring another shino over it and voila- crack!
I fire this weekend with The Cactus Lounge Flamethrowers. I can't wait to see them! It's been since May since we fired together.  With all the hurricanes south of the border we have had a lot of rain to deal with and that means me trying to keep the wood dry without a building to house it all.
Here is a refired jug that The Queen Anne crew so kindly refired for me. With the excessive ash build up it had me longing for my train. The train is the ride of choice if ya want nasty and tame in the same kiln.
There was a time when people would look at my jugs and say "Mick Casson"?

Not no more!


Barbara Rogers said…
Glad to see the re-fire worked and you're pleased with your jug! It's lovely!

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