Lighting up!

It is a historic week in Canada with pot being legalized. Seems like everyone is lighting up this weekend.
I'd advise you to lock up small dogs, cats and children as the collective draft from The Champ and Queen Anne will suck them into Hell's Inferno. Both teams are firing the woodies this weekend. It also looks like my neighbours are cooking some fish and small dogs on the lawn.
Emma Smith, Duncan Aird and Mr.  K put some good miles on The Champ and I miss them now that they have Queen Anne to beat them up.  It means my ageing frame takes a few more body punches on that morning shift.
Emma's favourite colour- grey.
Emma loves her grey pots and is fondly referred to by many of us as The Queen of Reduction. I remember leaving the kiln only to come back and find all of the air closed and the kiln still moving ahead. How and why I still don't know. It's a damn tight kiln and yet it would keep climbing. We all know to have combustion you need air, fuel and heat. Take away one of them and you got no combustion. Let the mystery be.
Another fond memory was Mr. K's job interview for The London Arts Centre here at The Cactus Lounge with Judy Sparkes.
I could hear them at 3:30 in the morning laughing and yacking. There was also a bottle of good Scotch involved. I thought oh well Mr. K is supposed to be on shift with me at 5:30 am and he's young. When I got up he was the colour green and said " I'm going to be sick, I can't make it!" I said " I'm going to McDonalds to get our coffee be at the end of the driveway! It took about an hour for his colour to return and he worked as he usually does at the rate of a couple of men.
I miss the Changing of the Guard. That is what growth is about- change. Bon feu my friends. Hugs, T


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