Filling in my crack!

I'd be the first to admit to "teaching to learn"! Out of probably 3-400+ pots that got unloaded from The Champ on Saturday my eye went to a small patch of orange. One of the group had rubbed orange overglaze into the texture and it got my grey matter cooking.  I would like to use different coloured stains and overglazes to fill in my crack and textures.
Highlighting the texture with stain.

I had been wondering about it and now a solution came to mind. I was worried about the old " shino first rule and wondered if putting shino over a stain would cause issues. Big kilns are not so good for quick turn around glaze testing.  My solution for today is I made the easy peasy Australian shino in powder form- 70 nepheline syenite and 30 EPK. I put it in a bucket and shook the livin' b- geezus outta it. I then took a tablespoon of dry shino and a table spoon of stain, added water and painted it into my crack. I like the idea of having one or two glazes and a rainbow of colour possibilities.
All the colours of the rainbow crack

Painting on the black stain/shino into the crack.

It's a drag washing it off.

Love that edge- handles tomorrow.

I finished up at 3:30 and thought oh I can't quit now they are teachers classroom hours and I have more homework to prepare for tomorrow's lesson. Finished with my glazing experiment I thought of my friends the Shibata's in NC. Doc bought a lovely sushi tray of Takuro and Hitomi's and took me to a fine sushi restaurant in Atlanta, GA. Doc generously presented the chef with the tray and told him to prepare us a feast. The nasty edge of the Shibata tray was soooooo appropriate for the rawness of this fine dinner. I made 10 trays just in case I am persuaded to abandon my Traeger smoker grill and go for the raw stuff.


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