The Birds

Yesterday morning I was off to the kiln room, coffee in hand past the Bfa space where Perry was busy making pots and listening to the original version of "Cocaine" by J.J Cale. As I peered out the window past the art waiting to be fired I saw what I thought were several flocks of magpies all decked out in black and white. There were many groups of these odd birds sitting on the lawn just outside the Art Dept. After closer inspection I saw that these were bible study classes. This looked like a scene from Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds". It was 8:30 and I was barely caffeinated and there they were in white shirts and ties reading the Book of Mormon. I thought back to what I would have been doing during adolescence on a hot July morning. If awake at all I might have been reading John Steinbeck, Jack London or thumbing thru my dad's collection of National Geographic looking for nude women from other lands. I admit to a misspent youth!


Anonymous said…
I did the same thing but with Mom's lingerie magazines! haha... Maybe we should throw some bread at the birds when we see them again.. (or maybe some water balloons)

Dan just told me you had a blog and I wanted to check out your posting on the kids gathering around the building every morning. I had no idea they were reading the book of mormon.
I've got a blog I just started about my sabbatical year. Please check it out so I can get my "hits" over the single digits.


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