Reduction Coooooooooooool!

Here are a few pics of the unload of the train after our reduction cool firing. Reduction cool is about 3 x more time consuming than just regular wood firing. Not only do you fire the kiln up to temperature, then you fire the kiln down to 1450f and then when you open the kiln up you have days of clean of the pots ahead of you. Because you have stoked the kiln with wood below melting temperature of the ash the pots are covered in a crusty surface that you have to wash and scrub with a steel wire brush, dremel tools, flapper wheel, sandpaper etc. Hey it takes a lot of work to make a diamond.
Here are a couple of pics of Heidi and I staring into the kiln. Peter slept in so we couldn't wait any longer. Snooze ya loose.
One of my vases fell over in the side stoking chamber but luckily landed on a pile of coals and we stoked over top of it for about 20 more hours. It will clean up really nice. I'm pretty happy with the firing of the piece I'm holding.


Unknown said…
Great work!! I truly understand the clean up part. I just blogged some tools that might make your life easier.

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