Crumpet's trumpets

I thought I better show ya some work by Young Danny Crump from here at USU. There has been talk on Clayart about institutional pots versus just do it in the studio pots. I'm here to show you that if you go to the right institution your work will grow in leaps and bounds versus staying at home and just figurin' it out. Danny is 23! He has worked for studio potter Russel Wrankle in southern Utah, worked with potter's potter Richard Parker in NZ, been artist in residence at Peters Valley, NJ, now at Red Lodge in Montana. Danny will graduate with a Bfa from USU in spring of 2009 and he'll be in big demand- grad school, residencies, apprenticeships. The ceramic world will be his oyster. He is a damn fine pot maker and has stretched his wings to more sculptural pieces. He is very capable of making good mugs, jugs, casseroles and all round domestic ware.
His mug he has entitled "Ode to Clennell". His cup just might be better than mine, but don't tell the little prick.
Tomorrow I'll show you Peter's work that at age 18 will put most of us to shame. He fired the wood kiln with me, is at the studio now making glazes, made his own clay and made a 40 lb jar that is better than the one I demoed. When you are given talented people to teach the results are unbelievable. Peter said to me- I am feeling euphoric on my walk home at night. I said why is that? He said you give assignments that stress me out and then I do them and feel so good about the results. I believe in institutions and I am so glad to be associated with one of the best.


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