Rock Girl

Here are some pics of a new grad student's work. Mandy from Texas will from now on be known as Rock Girl. Mandy makes ceramic rocks and for those of you that have visited Utah you will know that Mother Nature has deposited some really killer rocks here. I'd rather try to copy a Neely, Murf or Davis teapot than take on Mother Nature in the rock dept. I love rocks too and I think that is why I am taken with the reduction cool surfaces. We fired the small train over the last two days and we put one heckava pile of wood thru her. Young 18 year old Peter was a God send as he took us thru a long 12 hour cool while Heidi and I were pretty well outta gas.
Robin Dupont and family arrived yesterday. He is another new Canuck grad student that is starting here. He made his clay yesterday in preparation for Sept so you know this guy means business. I'll try to get some pics today of the whole Dupont fam damily and Robin's work.


Craig Edwards said…
Tony.. when are you gonna unload the train?
No offense, but I gotta chuckle when you big dawgs call the "regular size" train small. Small is the train I got in my backyard. I hope the fire has burned especially for you guys when the lid goes up, can't wait to see.

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