Green light

I told young Peter he would not enjoy throwing porcelain for big forms. See how well they listen! He has no idea how he will get this beast home to NY state. Heidi and I are getting ready for another train ride. The weather here is really hot and we're watching like hawks for a green light. Yellow and red may stop the train. Put in a good word for me. Trev, Heidi and I have been trying to beat the heat by getting to the woodlot early for chainsawing, and splitting. We all graduate this spring and we want the wood ready for the final push. Our firing this weekend has 3 plus truck loads of wood. Wish us well. I need to be sent home on a good note.


Looking great! I like the development of the mallet vases and triangular vases, maybe wall sconces?
Is that your bucket of Laterite? Someone should write the "Laterite Reduction Cool" song, or the "Cottonwood Blues"

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