The Crit

Not everything is learned at school. Sheila is a master at making a silk purse out of a
sows ear. I asked myself what would she do????? Today my committee (John Neely, Dan Murphy and Joe Davis) were to critique the work from the last train firing. You could ask them to come look at the work in your space, line it up on a dirty studio table, or you could book the conference room that is air conditioned, has a nice table and then you could go home to the garden (thanx Trevor and Donna) and pick some flowers to go in the vases. The reduction cool surface is perfect for displaying flowers. It is like a sculpted rock with a flower growing out of it. I won't tell ya what all was said as I am still digesting it. I can tell you it was really worthwhile and I was given lots to think about. I'm excited about where this is going.
One thing I can tell ya is Dan asked me if I could see this work fired any other way???
I answered "Actually, I can't!" He replied " Good, that's the right answer!"
I have told students time and time again you should know what glaze you're going to use before you make the pot. Dan was testing me on knowing what firing technique you're going to use before you make the pot.


Anonymous said…
I'm really enjoying these wood-fired reduction cooled surfaces. Thank you for sharing them!

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