The Future

I told ya I was going to send ya some pics of young18 year old Peter and his work. I'm pretty proud of this kid and the progress that he is making. Here is Peter making his first 40 lb jar and a table full of his bowls that he had 2 days to complete. I think the trimming is very respectable on this ware. One of the assignments was 5 jugs. Peter was lucky enuff to get his first jugs in a wood fired reduction cool firing. How nice are these jugs??? Here is our other firing partner Heidi and her main squeeze Brent Reitz ( son of guess who?) They are both very happy with the load of pots we have just unloaded. I'm now off to Heidi's to meet up with young Peter and Brent for a celebratory spaghetti dinner and a few glasses of grape. Damn, I feel good!


Positively sweet...the wonderful thing about unaltered photos is that the work is no longer an abstract idea presented in a discussion. If I had a spare $300.00 I'd offer to buy the jar when fired. It is so terrifically large and round it begs to be the centerpiece of a spherical fetishist's paroxysm.
We can visually sniff your newly finished work from the fuzzy right side of the photo of Heidi and Mr. Reitz. I know with the photo set-up at USU being ever ready it will not take long for you to post your efforts, EH? I am not above begging...

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