Declaration of War

I'm declaring war on the students of USU. If you think ya got time to hike, bike, paddle, and do more play than clay then this Canuck plans to take Utah by surprise and make it another province of Canada. My plan is to cross over Elk Pass in Wyoming packing some never seen before art work.
Heidi is punching above her weight, Denny is building some sort of nuclear bomb, Freedom is experimenting with a toxic soda mustard gas, word is Crumpet is bangin on home with some heavy artillery, CJ is spying on the Aussies, Alix learned to shot to kill this summer, Trev is at the woodlot working on fuel cells. I will soon be home plotting to take Logan then I'll take Manhattan.
Beware!!! Robin Dupont is my very capable 007 secret agent.
You better learn the words to the next two songs.
God save the Queen and
Oh C eh n eh d eh!.


Anonymous said…
hey bullwinkle! watch me pull a rabbit outta MY hat!
BRING IT! -rocky
just swap their beer. They'll get so drunk off the Canadian piss it'll be an easy swap over with no casualties on the Canuck side.
Anonymous said…
toxic soda mustard gas? it wont be long man..and after these last firings it could lead to something even deadlier. bring it, canadian. we ain't scerred.
Unknown said…
I can take you from down under man.... you ain't seen nothin' yet. And I got a few tricks up these sleeves not to mention I'm bring back man eating tropical plants...

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