Deep in the heart attack of Texas

While in Texas I tried a deep fried chicken steak. It was the size of half a steer. I thought it would be good with some KD (kraft dinner). I never thought of a chicken steak with KD between two slices of Texan fried toast. Dang those Texans think of everything. For those that worry about me thanx but today I celebrate being below China weight which is the weight I came from China at. Walking 6.5 k a day and eating well. I've shed a bag of clay since Jan. This was my first blog from our new Ipad- not so easy!


gz said…
we'll have to call you Felix!!
I did not see that masterpiece--I claim NO responsibility! In fact, I've never seen that--or heard of it. Was it tasty?
Congratulations on weight management. I was impressed with you meal choices. Good job.

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