Follow your heart

 Here is one of my students at OCAD that has quietly worked her way to the top of the class. The one assignment was to make a composite form. I think this is a pretty cool rocking jar.  A few years ago Ceramics at OCAD ceased to be a major.  So for those like us that want more clay and not less it means you have to search else where for additional ceramic studio instruction. I must say the students I have at OCAD are amazingly talented and get great instruction in design, mould making and experimental approaches.  I wish I could have them for another session of wheel work and hand building.  They just now seem to be "getting it".
Anne Marie is a few credits away from graduating and has decided to follow her heart and take Ceramics at Sheridan full time. She will be joining my class.  I'm the second year throwing teacher at Sheridan in the fall and my class is looking amazing.


gz said…
clay gets in your heart and soul

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