The Prodigal Son

The prodigal son returns after 33 years. In biblical terms the prodigal son is referred to as " The Lost Son".  It was over 33 years ago that I set off from Pinecroft Pottery to find my own way in the pottery world. It has been a long and winding road that has taken me almost around the world to study pottery- England, China, Japan, Italy, the US and my beloved Canada. My cousin Brenda and her husband Herm have kept the home fires at Pinecroft burning and have grown the business to an amazing destination and experience. Great food, pottery, massage, bed and breakfast and 50 acres of beautiful pines surrounding a large pond of geese, ducks, swans, turtles and other creatures.
It was nice to work in a real pottery for the past couple of days. Clay floors, room to put things, doors open, people wandering in all day to ask all the stupid questions. Like is the wood furnace the kiln,?Have you seen Ghost?  Do you do this all day long? Did any of the family find real work in a real career?Is that the same dog I saw here in 1984? Can I try working on the wheel? The answer to the questions when you're tired and over heated is "No!" Just say "no" to everything. 
My Uncle Jimmie loved talking to the people and we remind ourselves of him and how generations have come to talk to the old guy in the pottery. Strange to think that for the past couple of days  the old guy was me. Life comes full circle.
Now ask me about those bags of water with pennies in them hanging at the door way!


So, about those bags of water with pennies in them hanging by the door?
Anonymous said…
Well, that is a familiar site....brings a wee tear to my eye...what a wonderful place and awesome people....looks like you've been very busy there for the past couple of days! Good luck and i'm so glad you're the old guy now....and yeah, what about those bags of pennies ??

cheers, linda
Ron said…
Does that penny trick really work? (I've heard what it (allegedly)does).
Anonymous said…
Thanks for the laughs re: stupid questions. I've' heard 'em all...except I don't have a dog.
Bags of water work, very common trick in Mexico. I'm not sure about the pennies anywhere is a good thing.
Anonymous said…
So I'm thinking the copper is keeping the water fresh by eliminating algae? I'm sure Lee Love would agree? Kathy Stecker

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