Heart Attack on a Plate

It was kind of a dare. My step daughter Eileen and I had to go for a KFC Double Down.  We were showing our pride in her mother's Scottish heritage where everything is deep fried including Mars bars, ice cream and butter.
I can now claim "I put down a double down!" Two pieces of fried chicken as the bun for a bacon and  double cheese sandwich. Geez, it was good but boy am I thirsty. Salt overload!!!!!

Our next treat will be a Redneck Turtle sandwich. I can't help but think of my class mate at USU Mississippi Ernie Gentry and his love bacon. Doesn't that look delicous!!!! Bacon has converted more vegetarians back to the dark side than any other meat. I thought it fitting that since we were eating lots of critter we might as well serve it up on Ronnie the Rat Meyers dinner plates. I had horse, Eileen had billy goat and Sheila had boar.


Dennis Allen said…
There are few vegetarian meals that can't be improved with bacon and cheese.
mikpo said…
Get over that shit. It ain't the timing of your demise that's criticle, it's the way you get there. Do you want a hole load of vascular failures as you get down to the end? Makes taking care yuk! My dad had bleeding in his extremities in his eighties and early nineties. He lived long but he lived miserably in his later years. Once in a late nite shower his lower legs started bleeding. He made it back to bed naked, lay down and was determined to make it through to the next morning so he wouldn't die NAKED! Good grief. Ironically he died in the shower, slipping on slippery tiles. His way of saying goodbye.

So get rid of the BIG GUY syndrome. YOur just a potter and a damn good one. Crucifixes are for dummies. mikpo at chatterbird pottery with almost a web site.
Anonymous said…
Love the redneck turtle sandwich.

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