I'm a believer!

Ok, so ya hang a couple of zip lock bags full of water with a few pennies in them on the doorways of your studio or home and it'll keep the flies out. Well when at Pinecroft if I walked outside the deer flies, house flies and flying critters ate me alive. Inside the studio with doors and windows wide open there wasn't a bug to be seen. Brenda even Scotch taped a few pennies on the outside of the bags. It's got something to do with light refraction, prisms and such. http://animals.howstuffworks.com/animal-facts/water-bags
I bought a belt buckle a few years ago to protect me against shark bites. I haven't been biten by a shark yet! See ya got to be a believer. Now I can't get that stupid Monkey's song outta my head- I'm a believer!.


Dennis Allen said…
I believe that a Canadian knows about flies.No doubt about it.
Ron said…
We'll have to give it a try.
Wonder if it only works in Canada? And how about mosquitos--does it work for them?

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