The Ladies

Well Grand daughter #3 arrived safely today. Abbey Clennell weighing in at 7 lbs 13 oz arrived cute as a pin this morning. My son Jay is the proud father. I spared his partner Denise from the picture as she was feeling rather beaten up and nauseous. Here is a pic of my daughter Aunt Robin holding the little cutie pie.
So now we have quite a stable of little ladies Ava age 5, Olivia age 2 1/2 and now our new arrival Abbey.

They will all grow up to be teenagers and there will be pay back time for our time raising the kids thru that dreadful adolesence.


Joyful Things said…
Congratulations Tony and Sheila! She's a beautiful baby.
Patsi said…
Lovely, lovely........enjoy those beautiful babies.
gz said…
Best wishes to all of you.
Laura said…
You look like a happy granddaddy! Congratulations!
LeeAnn Janissen said…
Adorable! Congratulations!!!
Congrats! You look so happy in the picture. Wonderful!
Dandelion Hair said…
Hey Tony,
Lovely stable of ladies there. Congratulations to you and Sheila.
BTW, payback time starts earlier than teenage years now. More like 7 yrs old! I'm LOL at my daughter with my 7 yr old grand daughter. What an attitude, she can have!
Take care, and hugs, Dandelion Hair
Cyndi said…
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Cyndi said…
Congratulations on the newest addition to your family! Three grand daughters, now!! Lots of girlie things will be around your house. Have fun!

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