Macho Wood firing

This weekend I was in upper NY State in the 100 degree heat with friends firing a wood kiln. The farm is called Garry's Fat Camp and the kiln The Amish Rocket. Guaranteed to loose 10 lbs in a weekend of stoking a wood kiln in this weather. So you can see some of the friends potteries I visited this weekend between shifts. Started Friday night with the rat family Ronnie and Hester Meyers. 50 years married!!! Visited Kathy Gullo the Queen of Overstatement CRASHED after the firing at Marineland with Marv Bjurlin and his bride Tina in Fredonia, NY. Had a red neck weenie cooked by friend Jim Reno who has a pottery near by with his bride Pat. Normie Wheeler was down from the north country to lend a helping hand. Lots of good people, good times, good food and good pots fired. We had a good hot Cone 13 so a over the top macho firing it was.


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