Showin' ya mine

Firstly I'll show you some jugs I'm making for an upcoming wood firing. This is a Helmer based clay body that is sometimes a little tuffer to work with than our regular studio body but the colour in the wood kiln is pretty sweet.
Now for my score on the colour test. It was fun to see all you perfectos. The rest that scored like I did ain't admitting to taking the test. Here's my take on the scores. It's a bit like asking someone how well they did at a craft sale. You take their answer and deduct about 30% and therein lies the truth. So if I told you I got a 21 on the colour test what was my actual score??????  I just looked in the mirror and by God my nose is quite a bit longer this morn.
Actually I was doing rather fine until I hit the blues and greens. I guess like John Britt I've been looking at wood firing and shino too long. Speaking of orange yesterday was Canada Day. Happy Canada Day!

It was also Orange Mans day and the ditches of the province of Ontario are filled with the flower of the Protestants of the Orange Hall in Ireland -Orange Man. I call the flowers Ditch Lilies.


I took that test a few years back--don't remember my score but I do remember being embarrassed by it! I started to do it again to play along with you but lost patience with it quickly--too hard for me and I had better things to do!
Those orange lilies are my favorite! So elegant--like your 'jugs'!
Cyndi said…
Hey, Tony, Did Robin take the color hue test? I am interested how our Grasshopper did?

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