I live on a battlefield

Whenever I go down to Pinecroft I stop by to have a talk with Lance Sargent Jimmie Clennell my mentor and the guy responsible for guiding me down the clay path. Seeing my image on the tomb stone is kinda spooky. Making pots for a living ain't easy. I don't think it ever was. It is a battlefield that one must be prepared for both physically and emotionally. I have fond memories of laying on a bed of pine needles on the roof of the pottery with Uncle Jimmie where he would tell me stories of WW 2, the coal mines and working in the potteries. After a few tales he and I would fall asleep for 5-10 minutes in the warm sun and then it was back to work. If this is a battlefield I've been at war for half a century.
Here is a great tune by Nick Lowe -I live on a battlefield


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