Big Brother is Watching

My blog started in 2007 as a way to keep Sheila, my family and friends abreast of what I was doing on a daily basis during my studies in Jingdezhen, China. I must say it was much easier to do a blog post from China as almost everywhere you looked there was something to photograph and tell about. A trip to Wal Mart would see a shark hanging in the aisle or a flying squirrel stretched and dried to boil in order to help with your sex life. There are no flying squirrels in my town. Wiped out and hence the baby boom.

In writing a blog you never know who is reading you. I was thrilled to see the November Ceramics Monthly had me as one of editor Sherman Hall's 5 good reads. Also thrilled to read an article by my former student Heidi McKenzie "The Language of Line". My relationship  with CM started with former editor Ruth Butler. John Chalke and Barb Tipton introduced us through my writing for the former Contact Magazine. Ruth retired and hired Sherman- damn good choice!


Vicki Hamilton said…
TC - I read your blog every day...sometimes it doesn't change every day but I read it anyway and usually get something new from your words/photos. I just did peruse the new CM and "The Language of Line" article is downright juicy! I plan to read it again. Keep writing - lots of us rely on you for that! Vicki Hamilton

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