You know me

I've been  lounging around too long- eating, drinking, talking. I needed to get back to the studio today. What could be better. I had some new music from daughter Eileen to listen to- Jimmie Vaughan and Mumford and Sons.  Mrs. Santa gave me a bottle of top shelf bourbon. So I poured myself a wee nip and headed for La-la land. I had recycled some soft clay so it was perfect for making some yunomi's. The cup without a handle that fetches more money than a cup with a damn fine handle. I am making mine with a European foot flaired out almost like a goblet. Because the clay is soft I'm getting some nice art left that some would take off but in my case hey that's the decoration. Left over turkey tonight and fine bottle of Amarone that my daughter Robin gifted us. Dang my ladies have good taste.


Ron said…
I've got to make some you know mees soon. I got asked to the Akar show for next year which is pretty exciting. That 1792 would be good tonight or maybe I should have some before potting to loosen things up a bit.

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