I went squirrely

I took off to go to work far too early for me in the morn. I got 20 minutes from home and realized I was missing my new best friend- my I-phone. It has replaced my camera that I would lug around in my backpack and allowed me to take some pics for the blog. So I was three days without my phone, email and camera. I went squirrelly! I was making pots when I saw this jar under the table that my aunt had made while in college in  the 40's. True to form my cousin Brenda never throws out anything. Sure enough there was the press mold of the squirrel handles my aunt put on her pot. Like the squirrel said when he went to the psychiatrist "When I heard you are what you eat, I knew I was nuts!!!
Aunt Cavvy's jar had them climbing over the shoulder of the pot peering over the rim. My jars were 20lbs and are still smaller than hers. She'd like to know that!


Anonymous said…
Yeah, That Breeeenda is such a squirrel herself...wonderful handles you have there. It's so nice to see a bit of the old workshop!

all the best Tony for 2013....say hi to Brenda from me too!

cheers, linda
DropStitchChris said…
Oh yay!! They look great Tony...I haven't gone down to see them live and in person....I will tomorrow!!
Dan Finnegan said…
Now we know where your handle-mania got it's start!
These are great.
Ron said…
Love the squirrels. Nice jars too.

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