Stuff that works

I cleaned up my tools yesterday. I just noticed the wear on my trusty Dolan trimming tool. Don't know how many years I've had it. 15 or maybe 20. I trim cheese soft so I don't need a sharp trimming tool. I splurged and just bought a Dolan knife. It was $15 but it feels handmade and I like using it. I could have bought a cheaper one but I have always stuck by a good brand. Dolan tools last me so I stick with them.
Here are some brushes that work. They were given to us when Robin "Grass" Hopper retired from the road. Ya gits what ya pay fer! Good quality is worth the price. 

If ya have time listen to one of my favourite Texan sing song writer's " Stuff that works" by Guy Clark


Sandy Miller said…
but most of all it 's the potter that makes the tools work........

Holiday Happiness to you and Sheila!

have enjoyed your blog immensely this year!
Ron said…
Love my Dolan's. I would like to have some good brushes but have no idea where to start. Prob. just go try some out I guess. Cheers to you and Sheila. Thanks for mentioning me to RH. He left me a couple of very nice comments the other day.
smartcat said…
Brush Envy! Couldn't live without my Dolans.

Happy Boxing Day!

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