It's a lifestyle choice!

Being a potter is a life style choice. For 25 years Sheila and I retailed  pots from our showroom. Saturdays in December meant waiting for customers to arrive to buy pots, gift wrapping and usually ordering a pizza on a Saturday night since we were both too tired to make dinner. Since we no longer have a  showroom we decided at 2:30 this aft to stop making pots and  walk downtown to the West Town and have a beer. It's nice to be able to do that but the down side is we spent money instead of making money.  On Facebook I see friends flogging their wares on Etsy and the like. Every potter is trying to squirrel their nuts away for the winter. I just got an I-phone so maybe next year Etsy. Getting with the 21st is taking it's toll on me. Oh BTW, the beer was delicous- Creemore Springs which a favourite of mine.


Dennis Allen said…
Getting in step with the 20th century was hard enough for some of us.
smartcat said…
Still playing catch up, but as I see the possibilities ahead it becomes even more interesting.
One of the huge problems the self-emplyed have is giving themselves time off without guilt! Good for you!
Bonnie said…
If you get an iphone, you may want to consider 'the square'. It's a free app that allows you to accept credit cards on the spot - the fees are very low and they put the money into your bank account within 2 - 3 days.
If you were on Etsy, you could be enjoying the beer and your iphone could tell you that you had a sale! Kidding aside, I'm sure you know, it does take effort to sell on Etsy - a different kind of effort - some like doing it, some don't.

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