My new best friend the I-phone has a free pedometer app that has me walking the streets of my town looking at interesting buildings. I deeked down this back alley and found an interesting building with barred windows and what looks like a gallows hanging from the peek. I talk to the students about kiln building and mention that every 5th  course of bricks ought to be a soldier course. The reference to soldiers probably in the days when soldiers stood shoulder to shoulder to fire their muscats. That would be a bad move with today's semi automatic weapons. I love how in this building they celebrated the soldier courses with red brick. Not only does it look handsome it probably kept the bricklayer in check. Gotta find out the story of that building.


Ross Munro said…
Tony - the gallows is something used on warehouses. Fitted with a pulley, it can be used to lift heavy loads to the loft.

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